CaCO3 powder

CaCO3 Powder Calcium carbonate powder has a great influence on the color quality of the colorized products such as plastics and paints. Our CaCo3 powder – V I N A C A L C I T E (Coated with stearic acid & Uncoated) is a natural & high purity mineral which is produced with the most advanced technology from Germany. Raw material is carefully purified and selected from limestone quarries in Yen Bai Province and Nghe An province which are known as the best limestone in the world.


An Khang Group is offering grades as following:

UNCOATED POWDER AK01 S, AK01, AK02, AK03S, AK03, AK04S, AK04, AK05


CaCO3 powder manufacturer

CaCO3 powder manufacturer

CaCO3 powder manufacturer

CaCO3 powder manufacturerCaCO3 powder manufacturerCaCO3 powder manufacturerCaCO3 powder manufacturerCaCO3 powder manufacturer


Specification Chemical analysis


Whiteness 98% Min CaCO3 content 98.5 % Min
Brightness 96% Min Mgo 0.20 % Max
Moisture 0.2% Max Fe2O3 0.03 % Max
Density 2.7 g/cm3 Al2O3 0.03% Max
PH Value 8-9 SiO2 0.04 % Max
Oil Absorption 20g/100g Loss in Ignition 43.5%

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– We use Mastersizer 3000E machine to analyze the particle size. The Mastersizer 3000E is highly regarded as the premier laser diffraction particle size analysis instrument with size range from 0.1 – 1000µm.

– To test color quality, we use HunterLab’s next generation ColorFlex EZ. ColorFlex EZ spectrophotometer takes color quality control to its highest level with 45°/0° design for the ultimate in color measurement preciseness. Combining versatility, simplicity and performance, the ColorFlex EZ reflects almost 60 years of color measurement innovation in one easy-to-use, compact instrument from the world’s most trusted leader in color quality.

caco3 powdr


  • Widely used as filler in Plastic, a mixture in plastic: cable, pipe, masterbatch, film, sheet
  • Paint & Coating: interior, exterior emulsion paint
  • Used as a mixture in pain, paper, rubber, glass and porcelain of high quality and high-grade products
  • Construction: Tiles, Asphalt, Ceramic, Concrete, etc

25kg, 50 kg PP-PE bags, kraft bags or as per customer’ s requirements. 25-27 MT/20′ FCL (with/without pallet).



Store in the dry, cool, ventilated condition & avoid moisture